Sustainability Benefits

Rent spontaneously and sustainably. Hertz 24/7® provides the convenience of 24/7 vehicle access, without the commitment, cost and environmental impact of actual car ownership.

Cars off the road

Every Hertz 24/7 vehicle eliminates about 14 personal vehicles from the road.
What does that mean for you and the environment?

  • Reduced traffic congestion
  • Reduced parking space demand
  • Reduced oil and gas consumption
  • Fewer driving emissions
  • Increased non-vehicle travel between car trips (walking, cycling and public transport), which is good for the environment and your waist-line.

Right-sized, lower emission choices

Large or small, Hertz 24/7 offers you fuel efficient, low-emission car choices with a vast range of clean diesel, hybrid, hybrid SUVs, EPA SmartWay certified and electric vehicles that meet any transport need.

Have you driven clean diesel yet? Check out the Volkswagen TDI - now available in New York City!

Fuel efficiency counts, even when you're not paying at the pump

Hertz 24/7 sources the newest and most energy efficient models we can, which helps reduce driving emissions, fuel use and encourages clean technology development.

If you're looking for a convenient, greener ride, all you have to do is Book. Swipe. Go.

To learn more about Hertz sustainability program and our smart mobility choices, visit