Everything you need to know about Hertz 24/7 is listed below.

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      question What is Hertz 24/7?

      Hertz 24/7 couldn't be simpler. It is a self-service, all-inclusive, hourly and daily car rental service with unlimited kms for every hourly booking so you can enjoy driving a car whenever you want without the costs and hassles of owning one.

      It's completely free to join: no joining fees, no monthly or annual membership fees and no security deposits. Rates are all inclusive and we'll take care of petrol, registration, damage-cover, cleaning, servicing...

      question How does it work?

      Joining is easy and only takes a few minutes. Apply online and once we approve your membership, we'll send you your very own Hertz 24/7 key fob. Reserve a car online or book over the phone (we charge an extra $3 for phone bookings). At the time of your reservation all you'll need to do is go to your car, unlock it using your key fob and drive away.

      question How much does it cost?

      It's completely FREE to become a Hertz 24/7 member!

      Once you've signed up, the only cost depends on the type of car you want to drive. Prices start from $9.90 per hour and unlimited kms are included with all hourly bookings (less than 8hrs). Daily bookings (any booking that is longer than 8 hours up to 5 days) include 350kms of driving; additional kilometres will be charged at $0.39 per kilometre.

      Drivers under the age of 21 are welcome to join Hertz 24/7, there is a surcharge of $2 per hour up to a maximum of $20 per day.

      question How will I be charged?

      When you join we'll ask for your credit or debit card details. At the end of each booking we will debit your account for the amount stated.

      question Why should I join?

      Why wouldn't you - it's free! Hertz 24/7 gives you the freedom to drive a car when you want to. You only pay for the driving you do : there are no joining fees, no monthly or annual membership fees, no security deposits and no commitments. Hertz 24/7 rates include fuel, damage cover and unlimited kilometres with every hourly booking. Become a member today and you'll get 24/7 access to a range of cars that live near where you live or work. Drive, unlimited, with Hertz 24/7.

      question Who uses carsharing?

      Everyone! It's perfect for smart people who don't want the hassle and cost of owning (and parking) a car in the city, commuters who mostly use public transport but want a car sometimes, the occasional shopper who needs space for their bargains, savvy business owners that don't want to pay fleet costs, green conscious motorists who want to help the environment and day trippers who want to head off somewhere on their time off.

      question What cars are available?

      We've selected great cars for our Australian fleet. The Hyundai i30 is the perfect urban hatchback with all the gadgets, the VW Golf is a fabulous, fun, turbo-powered Euro-hatch and it doesn't get better for sunny drives than a Mini-cabriolet. The bigger i30 Touring Wagon is ideal for family journeys but our bigger Rav4s and X-Trails are absolutely fantastic for weekends away and whenever there's luggage or shopping to carry.

      question Where can I find a car?

      You will find our cars in locations across inner Sydney and along the Gold Coast. They're located close to home, work and public transport.

      question Can I use Hertz 24/7 in other cities?

      Your Hertz 24/7 membership is global. That means you can automatically use our cars in other Hertz 24/7 locations throughout the world including Europe and the USA where you will be charged local rates for driving. Just check the website for locations. However, remember that you can drive in UK, USA and Canada on an Australian licence, but you will need to obtain an international driving permit to rent and drive a car in any other country. In Melbourne we operate under the Flexicar brand, for more information see www.flexicar.com.au

      question How do I contact Hertz 24/7?

      If you have any questions, speak to a member of the team at the dedicated Member Care Centre on 1300 146 897 or email us at Hertz247aus@hertz.com. If you'd rather write to us, our address is: Hertz 24/7 Australia, PO Box 6849, St Kilda Road Central, 8008 Victoria, AUSTRALIA

    • Joining

      question Who can join?

      You must be at least 18 years old with a valid Australian or international driving licence and a clean driving record for at least one year. To drive, you'll also need a valid credit or debit card and be able to provide proof of your address as well as an email address so we can send your reservations and receipt details to you.

      question What if I’m under 21?

      Good news! You can be a Hertz 24/7 member and drive.

      If you’re under 21 you will automatically be put on the Young Drivers plan which includes surcharges of $2 per hour (up to a maximum of $20 per day) and in the case of an accident your damage cover excess will be $1500. When you turn 21, you just need to advise us and we will change your plan to Standard or Additional Cover.

      question How do I join?

      Joining is easy and only takes a few minutes. Apply online now.

      question When will I receive my members' keyfob?

      Once we've completed your membership application, we'll post it to you. You should receive it within five business days.

      question What do I use my members' keyfob for?

      When you get to a car you've booked, your keyfob acts as your personal key for 24/7 access. Just place it against the reader under the windscreen to unlock the doors. Each time you want to lock/unlock the car you just use your keyfob to do so.

      question Do I have to pay for the Hertz 24/7 keyfob?

      No. There's no charge for your membership keyfob, it’s free for new members.

      question Can I give my keyfob to anyone else?

      No. The keyfob is for your personal use only. Please do not give it to anyone else to use as they will not have damage cover in the event of an accident. Doing so could result in your membership being cancelled.

      question How can I update my details?

      It's easy. Just log-in to the website and update your contact or payment details in 'My Account'.

      question Is my personal information safe?

      Yes. We follow all appropriate Data Protection legislation with regards to your data. Personal details and financial information are stored and managed separately for your extra safety.

      question How long is my Hertz 24/7 membership valid?

      Your membership is ongoing unless you choose to cancel it.

      question What do I do with my keyfob if I cancel my membership?

      Just return it to us by mail and we'll close your account.

      question What happens if I incur demerit points on my drivers licence?

      Just contact the Member Care Centre and they'll update your details on our system. You are required to let us know if you incur points on your licence and when points expire.

    • Booking

      question Are there any fees for changing or cancelling my reservation?

      You can change or cancel your booking up to six hours before it's due to start with no additional charge. If you are within the six hours, we need to charge you for the reserved period, up to a maximum of one day's fee.

      question How far in advance can I book a car?

      A long way. In fact, you can reserve a car up to six months in advance.

      question What if my first choice of car is booked?

      If a car is not available at your preferred location, you can select an alternative time or visit the locations map to check the availability of other cars nearby.

      question How do I extend my reservation?

      You can extend it on the in-car system, change it online, on your mobile phone or call us for help. If the car you're driving isn't already booked, your reservation can be extended as easily as that.

      question What do I need to take with me?

      You'll always need your Hertz 24/7 members’ keyfob and your driver's licence. It's also a good idea to bring a copy of your reservation confirmation too, especially if you're not too familiar with the car's location.

      question How will I know if my reservation is confirmed?

      We'll send you an email/SMS confirmation of your reservation as soon as you make it. Make sure you check these details carefully as they'll include the car's details and location as well as any other important information.

      question What happens if I lose or forget my keyfob?

      If you do not have your keyfob with you, you will not be able to access the car. Our Member Care Centre is not able to unlock cars for members who forget their keyfobs

    • Driving

      question How do I unlock and lock the car?

      Easy. Just place your keyfob over the sensor on the driver's side of the windscreen and the doors will unlock automatically. You lock it the same way you opened it.

      question What if the car is damaged?

      Check the Hertz 24/7 Drivers Guide kept in each car for a previous report of the damage on the included diagram, if it’s recorded on the diagram then you are not liable for the damage. If it has not been recorded in the Drivers Guide then call the Member Care Centre to report it.

      question Where do I find the keys?

      Once you've unlocked the car using your keyfob you will find the keys located in the car.

      question Do I use the key to lock the car during my booking?

      No. The car key must stay inside the car at all times, use your membership keyfob each time you lock or unlock the car during your booking.

      question Can another person drive my Hertz 24/7 car during my booking?

      Drivers who are not members are not permitted to drive Hertz 24/7 cars. They will not be covered by our damage cover policy and you may be fined as a consequence. However, other Hertz 24/7 members are permitted to drive, but the car must be unlocked using the keyfob linked to the member who made the original booking.

      question What if the car I've booked is returned late by the previous driver?

      We ask all our members to return their cars on time, so hopefully this won't happen. If you do find your car isn't waiting for you when you arrive, please speak to one of the Member Care Centre team who will find you an alternate car.

      question Does it matter if I pick the car up late?

      Not at all. You can pick up your car whenever you want during your booking. However, you'll still be charged for the original booking period you specified.

      question What happens if I return the car late?

      It's important to return the car on time as another member may be waiting to use it. If you think you're going to be late, please let us know. If you return the car late without letting us know, you'll be charged the full rental fee, plus additional over-run charges. These will be calculated in 30-minute increments at $20 per half-hour, plus a charge of $75. If you let us know in advance, we'll reduce the final fee to $50.

      question What if I can’t find the car?

      First check your reservation confirmation email and make sure you have the right location and time. Sometimes our designated parking spaces are illegally occupied and our members need to return cars to other parking spaces nearby. If your car isn’t in the designated parking space when you arrive to collect it, call the Member Care Centre on 1300 146 897 who can track the car to its current location.

      question What do I do if the car has no petrol or less than a quarter of a tank?

      If there's not enough petrol already in the tank, just go to the nearest Caltex or Shell petrol station and fill up. You'll find a petrol card in the car which you use to pay for it. After you've finished using the car, please make sure the tank is at least a quarter full for the next driver or you may incur a fine.

      question What if the car is not clean?

      We hope that all our members will leave the cars they use clean and tidy. If your car isn't clean, please let us know as fines may apply to drivers to leave cars dirty.

      question Can I carry pets in the car?

      Sorry, we don't allow any pets, except for guide dogs, in our cars as other members may have allergies.

      question Do you provide child seats or roof racks?

      Unfortunately, we're not able to supply child seats or roof racks. However, you are welcome to use your own.

      question Can I smoke in the car?

      No. For the comfort of other members, please do not smoke in any Hertz 24/7 car. If you do so, you will be fined.

      question Where should I return the car?

      You must return the car back to the same parking bay you collected it from.

      question What should I do if I have an accident?

      Contact the Member Care Centre immediately on 1300 146 897. We will make all the arrangements from there.

      question What happens if the car breaks down?

      Call the Member Care Centre on 1300 146 897. You have 24-hour roadside assistance included in your membership, so just let us know the situation and we'll sort everything out for you.

      question What happens if I leave my things in the car?

      Just call the Member Care Centre on 1300 146 897 and they will arrange for you to collect your personal items from the vehicle.

    • Billing, fees and damage cover

      question Who pays for petrol?

      We do. It's one of the benefits you can enjoy as a Hertz 24/7 member. If you do need to fill up, just use the petrol card to pay for your fuel. You'll find petrol cards in each Hertz 24/7 car, see the Drivers’ Guide kept in each car for more information.

      question Will I receive an invoice for my booking?

      Hertz 24/7 will charge your nominated payment source at the end of each booking, you’ll receive a receipt by email when you conclude the booking by swiping out of the car with your membership keyfob.

      question Is damage cover included in the cost?

      Yes, damage cover is one of the many benefits included in your membership.

      question How do I pay for road tolls?

      Each Hertz 24/7 car is equipped with an eTag so you’re welcome to drive them on toll roads. Any charges you incur will be charged to your nominated payment source once we receive a statement from the toll operator, usually within one month. You will be emailed an invoice for these charges.

      question How does the damage cover work?

      When driving a Hertz 24/7 car, you are covered by fully comprehensive damage cover. If the car is damaged during your booking, you will only be liable for the excess amount or the cost of the damage repair, whichever is lower. Excess amounts vary based on your age and driver's licence.

      Damage Cover Excess Amounts for Australian Hertz 24/7 Members


      Damage Excess – Standard Cover, drivers 25 and older with a valid Australian
      drivers licence for the past three years


      Damage Excess – Standard Cover, drivers 25 and older with a valid foreign
      drivers licence or a valid Australian licence for less than three years


      Damage Excess – Drivers under 25


      Damage Excess – Additional Cover plan


      Provided you follow the terms and conditions of the agreement, you'll be protected by third party motor cover as required by law. This means you're covered for damage to other cars, other properties and injured parties if you do have an accident. If you do not follow our terms and conditions or the loss, damage or theft is caused intentionally or by gross negligence, you will lose the benefit of any damage cover and additional protection we provide.

      question Will my personal car insurance cover my damage cover fees?

      No. When you drive a Hertz 24/7 car you'll be covered under our policy. Any other policy will not be valid.

      question What happens if I get a ticket or fine?

      If you're caught speeding, you get a parking ticket, or you incur any other penalty, it's your responsibility to pay the costs. If you don't pay the penalty fees directly to the issuing authority, we will cover the cost initially then charge you for the full amount, plus an administration fee.

      question What if the car I’m driving gets towed away?

      We'll pay the fine initially, but you will be responsible for any fines and all the costs to recover the vehicle, along with an administration charge.

      question Does Hertz 24/7 offer corporate rates?

      Absolutely. Just email us at Hertz247aus@hertz.com and we will contact you about how we can help your business save money, hassle and time.

      question What other charges might I incur?

      Other than excess km charges when you drive further than the included distance per booking, hopefully none. You'll be amazed how cheap carsharing is compared to owning your own car.

      Hertz 24/7 is a carsharing community and as a member you have the responsibility to be considerate towards other members. If you do not adhere to the Hertz 24/7 membership terms and conditions we may impose fees or fines; especially if your actions inconvenience other members. These fees will be charged to your account.

      What we ask is that you take good care of the car and return it on time, to the right place with the fuel tank at least a quarter full. Please don't smoke in the cars, and leave your pets at home.

      If you lose the vehicle keys or your membership keyfob we can fix the problem, but you will be charged a replacement fee.

      Finally, if you're caught speeding or you get a parking ticket then the penalties are your responsibility.

      An outline of charges is below:

      Other fees and charges for Australian Rentals


      Booking through the Member Care Centre


      Uninformed late return

      Rental Charge + $75

      Informed late return

      Rental Charge + $50

      Return with less than ¼ tank petrol


      Vehicle not in a clean state


      Smoking in the Vehicle


      Pets in the Vehicle


      Lost Vehicle keys

      $50 per day plus the cost of
      replacement keys

      Lost access keyfob


      Lights left on in Vehicle


      Vehicle left unlocked


      Vehicle parked in incorrect parking space


      Booking cancelled less than 6 hours before

      Full value of rental

      Road and traffic infringements and any other
      applicable fines

      Cost of fine plus $25 admin fee

      Lost fuel card

      Cost of replacement plus admin
      fee of $25

      Lost parking card

      Cost of replacement plus admin
      fee of $25

      Fee for processing toll charges

      $0.75 per toll

      Towing charges in the event of an accident

      Cost of towing