Electric Vehicles

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Electric Vehicles (EVs) are a great option for short trips around the city or even weekend getaways. With plenty of trunk and passenger space, the Nissan Leaf is perfect for when you need to pick up the kids at soccer practice or load up on groceries. For a longer green drive, the Chevrolet Volt provides the best of both worlds offering a battery and a gasoline powered range extender. The smart Electric for two is compact and easy to park or maneuver in city traffic. We think you'll enjoy driving our diverse fleet of Electric Vehicles and invite you to try one out today!

Plan Your Next Trip in an Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicles vary in battery size, which means each car's range is different. Our Electric Vehicles range between 70 and 100 miles to the charge.

Ask yourself the following questions, when making your Electric Vehicle reservation:

  • What is the maximum range of my Electric Vehicle?
  • Is my final destination within the range of the vehicle?
  • Will I be able to plug the car into a standard three prong outlet?
  • Is there a Level 2 public charging station nearby/on the way?
  • Will I have time to park and charge?

Know Your Recharging Options

Recharging options are only necessary if you expect to take the vehicle out of its range. Otherwise, you can return the vehicle at its current state of charge and we will fully charge the battery for you at our location. Please see our FAQs section for Recharging Options when traveling out of range.

Don't Panic!

It's common for first time Electric Vehicle drivers to feel “range anxiety”. Remember, all of our Hertz 24/7® vehicles include in car access to our 24 hour Customer Care Center, and are ready to assist you at the press of a button. If you are worried you won't make it back to the location with enough charge, just call our Customer Care Center at 1-877-654-4400, and they will be happy to guide you to an alternate drop off point or help with roadside assistance.

Driving an Electric Vehicle can be a fun experience and the more you drive the more confident you will feel behind the wheel. Not only are you driving tomorrow's mobility today, but also helping to make a difference in reducing vehicle emissions to the environment - and with the help of thousands of Hertz 24/7 customers like you, that's a big difference!